Game Factory Incubator

Game Factory Incubator

You don’t know where to start? Or you’re an industry veteran who wants to start your own business? Doesn’t matter!

On Game Factory Incubator, which is our main program, you’ll get access to our free educational sets including almost any role in a game studio and even more. When you feel you’re good to go, you can meet our other users and start your own game studio with your new teammates and get access to our further support and perks.


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Game Factory Incubator


We’re building a huge library that can help our users from any experience and variety, that you can reach anytime, anywhere.


Our mentors are here for you for any potential question and help you need: technical to startup coaching and further. Our experience is now yours.

Starting a Studio

Meet talents from all over the NL. Create a studio, or join an existing one. We’re more than ready to bring you to success.


Within our funding partners from angel investors to VCs, we’re always with you during your journey to turn into a company.


Get ready to meet the most experienced players in the game industry. Reach them out directly on our platform, or join our weekly webinars and more.


You can test and get a chance to publish every game you make in Game Factory. From indie titles to hyper casuals, casual titles to midcore titles, our partners and we are ready to bring your game to life.

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How does it works?

Fill in the application form right now to get in the pre-evaluation process. This process helps us to keep every role (developers, artists, and more) in balance, so that you can find new teammates easily. There are no time limitations or procedures for our applications – you can sign up right now and start off the journey!

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When your application gets processed and accepted, we’ll be sending you an agreement to your email. The most important part of this agreement is that it has totally no binding – you can graduate any time from Game Factory with your team or yourself and still make use of our countless supports.

As soon as you’re good to go with the steps above, you’ll get an invitation link to our Discord server. From now on, we’ll be in touch with you mainly on Discord. Our moderators and game managers will be in touch with you to guide you during your journey.

Choose any role you want, and access to its training sets. Participate in the ones that you’d like to learn, and increase your knowledge base in your role.

As soon as you join our Discord server, we’ll be helping you out to join a team (studio, startup) or create one. You’ll be getting extended support and interest when you join a team.

You can follow our event schedule on our Discord server. Our events are totally free to participate, and they vary from offline events to online events, workshops to meetups, and more.

Our mentors are volunteering for you to help you make better games and reach your goals even faster. You can reach them out on the mentor help channel on our Discord. Besides that, Game Factory’s and our partner company’s teams will be completely available for you including regular meetings. We’ll be there for our teams in every need.

We expect an immediate start for making games, as soon as the team is created or gets active. As a Game Factory, we’ll be helping you in any way, except the organization and management of the teams. As a magical incubator, we know that the magic comes from the organic bond from the teams and their unique experience.

You can also keep in mind that you can join a new team anytime, it’s totally up to you. In addition, we’ll be sharing monthly data and insights about the popular titles to help you out when you’re making your game.

You can test the games that you’ve made with our partner publisher, totally for free. Our publishers’ team and Game Factory’s team will help you out evaluating the data you get from your games’ user tests.

In addition, if your game shows potential and you want to publish your game with our partners, you can immediately sign a publishing contract depending on your choice – which means an exciting future and a strong financial lead for your game and studio.

Do you need financial support to make cooler games? We are here for you with our partner VCs, investors, publishers and crowdfunding platforms to support you regarding you and your teams’ performance.