About Us

Game Factory is an incubation center, founded in late 2019 by Efe Kucuk and Murat Kahraman. We provide support tailored for both experienced and novice game developers and their needs. We also have an academy for total beginners who know nothing about game development and industry.


In 2 years we paved the way to the gaming industry for over 5000 users. We provide all kinds of support for 70+ game studios right now. We work with industry leader organizations, universities and such to organize seasonal programs like Google Booster.


Game Factory Incubation


Game Factory Incubation is an always open program. Users can apply as a team or personal to join. We provide education, workshops, events,  1-on-1 support, mentorship, matchmaking and much more.


Game Factory Academy


Game Factory academy is our education platform where users access courses ranging from beginner to expert. Hypercasual,  development, design, entrepreneurship are just a few of them.