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About Us

A New Era
in Incubation

We are a unique online game development hub that is open to all aspiring game developers – from students building their first games to professionals with years of industry experience who want to try their hand at developing a game independently.

Our participants have the chance to run their studios or join a team to start building their own games and work directly with our partners with a huge variety: publishers, investors, studios and even more.

You're Not Alone

Don’t know anyone to build your games with? No worries, you can find your future co-founder right here.

Everything You Need

From investments to publishing; human resources to mentoring, free educational sets to a huge network, we are here with you.

Success, Together.

We’ve created more than 70 studios within our incubator, and brought them to success, guarding them on their way to turn into the next big thing.


Let's make it happen.

What have we done so far?

Formed as a gateway to the game industry, we’ve helped in the establishment of more than 70+ studios in Turkey so far. These studios and it’s teams were met and created within our incubator, with their awesome success stories that we’re proud of.

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Game Factory is an incubator that provides environment needed to bring a game developer to success, making it the great experience to get in the game industry.

Ulaş Karademir
VP Productions

Having strong partners is one of the most important things for an university, especially if your partner has a huge educational vision. Game Factory proves it power within it's huge vision and helpful community.

Dr. Güven Çatak
BUG Lab Founder

Within our partnership with Game Factory, we're able to get in touch with the local ecosystem even more. I definitely recommend working with their hands-on and energetic team.

Barış Yesügey
Dev. Eco. Region Lead


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